Qlinks is now cmdk

Universal Search

Your users know what they want to achieve with your application. Don’t leave them hanging while they try to figure out where their desired action exists.

Commands & Shortcuts

Create commands using our no-code infrastructure. Assign single/multi-key shortcuts for every action on your application.


Learn what your users expect from your product. View statistics on dead ends, keywords most searched, number of searches, and more…

Why did we build this?

In-app search and commands is implemented across several applications. A feature everyone seems to love. We want to reduce the development time thereby saving time, cost, and resources deployed. Not to forget the continued efforts of maintaining and improving search.

We aren’t the first ones to build it, kudos to CommandBar for being in the same space, and scaling. 

And we won’t be the last.

We are only scratching the surface of what search can do within applications. We believe the future of application usage will involve search and commands as an integral part of user experience. 

We invite you to build your search with us while we constantly improve the way universal search can power users. 

We are advocates of search. Join us and build your own today!

Build Universal search for

for Startups

More with less

Now build search and commands for your app in just hours rather than weeks with Cmdk's no code approach.
Enhance your users UX from day 0. Focus your resources and time on core features.

for Developers

Save time and effort

Install an SDK to have the search widget on your application within minutes. Configure everything within our no-code application, copy code snippets and assign the function.

for Enterprise

Save resources

Cmdk can reduce your search and shortcuts team by 90% with our no code implementation and maintenance

Why would an enterprise buy cmdk.ai ?

With a growing features list, and increased complexity of applications. The familiarity of using your product may change with a slight revision/improvement. With cmdk users know what to achieve with your application, and they simply search.

Enterprises using search and command pallette

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via contact@cmdk.ai

How can one implement the widget on their application?

With our SDK package, your team can now add it to your code base and then customize it accordingly through our no-code application.

Does this work on mobile applications?

No, this is purely for web applications to have a keyboard-first approach to navigating across an application

Is my data secure?

Yes, all the data is encrypted.

Is this a must-have or a good-to-have feature?

Several products have implemented search. This may start as a good-to-have feature that becomes a must-have as users get used to calling commands and searching. Similar to how Slack captured the market, It went from a good-to-have product to a necessity

Can we customize the widget?

Yes, you can customize the widget for your design requirements

How quickly can we implement the widget on the application?

You will be up and running in 90 minutes from the time you decide to implement.

How different are you from your competitors?

We are early in the market, and we have a fairly easy-to-use application for easier setup.

Why shouldn’t we build this in-house?

It comes down to a simple number game, the initial time and resources spent on building it in-house and having someone maintain it post the build would be costlier than implementing our SDK. While we also continue with R&D to have a better product that sits well with users from time to time.